CDD Director
Professor Alexandros Makriyannis

MakriyannisProfessor and Behrakis Trustee Chair in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Director of the Center for Drug Discovery


Ph.D. Medicinal Chem., Univ. of Kansas (1967)
Post-doctoral, Organic Chem., U. California, Berkeley (1967-69)   

Honors & Awards
Research Scientist Award, NIDA (1990-95; 1995-2000)
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (1993)
President, International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) (1993)
Distinguished Scientist Award, University of Connecticut Alumni (1996)
Fellow, American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1997)
National Institute of Health MERIT Awards (1997-2007, 2007-2017)
Senior Scientist NIDA Award (2000-2011)
Research Achievement Award in Drug Design and Discovery, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) (2002)
Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Athens, Greece (2005)
Mechoulam Life Achievement Award in Cannabinoid Research (ICRS) (2006)
Kenneth E. Avis Award in Medicinal Chemistry (2007)
Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering (2007)
ACS Award in Medicinal Chemistry (2012)
Annual NU Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity (2012)
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame (2013)

Active Federal Grants
R01 (coPI) Candidate Medications for Cannabis Addiction: FAAH Inhibitors (2010-2015)
R01 (PI) Cannabimimetic Ligands and Drugs (1996-2013)
T32 (PI) Training Program in Medications Development for Drugs of Abuse (1999-2012)
P01 (PI) Endocannabinoid Active Sites as Therapeutic Targets (1994-2012)
R37 (PI) Cannabinergic Medications for Methamphetamine Addiction (2007-2012)
R01 (PI) Novel Medications for Cannabis Dependence (2009-2013)
R21 (PI:John Ladias) Structural Basis for Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Signaling (2010-2012)

Current CV and Selected Publications

Center for Drug Discovery, Northeastern University • 360 Huntington Avenue, 116 Mugar Hall, Boston, Massachusetts 02115 • 617.373.2273